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Forest Stewardship Council Recognizes Forest Champions

Kimberly-Clark - Using the FSC label to tell their story

Business Leadership: IKEA and McDonald's


Protecting and maintaining natural commu­nities and high conservation value forests.


Building markets, adding best value, and creating equitable access to benefits.


05.04.2017 · Market News

Calling All FSC Building Products Suppliers!

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05.04.2017 · Market News

FSC US Launches Digital Resource Guide for Marketing

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05.04.2017 · Market News

Nominations Open for FSC Leadership Awards

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05.04.2017 · Market News

C.F. Martin & Co Announces New 2017 FSC-Certified Guitars

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Upcoming Events

07.03.2017 · Events

2017 FSC General Assembly in Vancouver, British Columbia

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01.03.2017 · Events

Join FSC at Sustainable Brands

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08.02.2017 · Events

Countdown to the 2017 General Assembly

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07.09.2016 · Technical News

FSC North American Regional Meeting December 6-7

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Latest Facts & Figures

As of September 2016:
166,417,570 acres certified in the US and Canada
5,103 companies certified in the US and Canada

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Take our Continuing Education Unit, Mastering FSC Wood in Green Building.

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