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New Wood Furniture Sustainability Scorecard Released

FSC Construction Demand Campaign Review

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18.09.2018 · National News

Member Profile: Certified Wood Products

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18.09.2018 · Market News

Newly Elected Board Members

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18.09.2018 · Technical News

Open for Second Consultation: Revised FSC® Trademark Use Guide for Promotional License Holders

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18.09.2018 · Market News

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions of FSC

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Upcoming Events

15.08.2018 · Events


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16.07.2018 · Events

Attend Controlled Wood Regional Meetings This Summer

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25.05.2018 · Events

Forest Resilience and Carbon Conference - June 19-20

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25.05.2018 · Events

Green Sports Alliance Summit – June 26-27

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As of January 2018:
168,803,427 acres certified in the US and Canada
4,780 companies certified in the US and Canada

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