Kimberly-Clark - Using the FSC label to tell their story

Business Leadership: IKEA and McDonald's

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FSC Now Only Forest Certification Recommended for Federal …


Protecting and maintaining natural commu­nities and high conservation value forests.


Building markets, adding best value, and creating equitable access to benefits.


24.08.2016 · Technical News

Public Consultation for Pesticide Derogation Renewal

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28.07.2016 · Technical News

FSC Leadership Awards Applications Due August 12th

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27.07.2016 · Technical News

FSC International and US Boards convene in Charleston

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26.07.2016 · Technical News

3rd Public Consultation for Chain of Custody Standard

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Upcoming Events

18.03.2016 · Events

The Diane Rehm Show digs into Illegal Logging

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11.11.2015 · Events

Join FSC at Greenbuild 2015

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25.09.2015 · Events

Join us for the 2015 FSC Leadership Awards

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25.09.2015 · Events

FSC Leadership Awards - WWF's Global Forest & Trade Network, Kimberly-Clark, Richard Donovan & Dr. Robert Hrubes

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Latest Facts & Figures

As of July 2016:
167,714,255 acres certified in the US and Canada
5,043 companies certified in the US and Canada

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Take our Continuing Education Unit, Mastering FSC Wood in Green Building.

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