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2022 Controlled Wood Regional Meetings

Field Day at the University of Tennessee

2022 FSC Leadership Awards Winners Advance Responsible Forest …

FSC Reception at Greenbuild 2022

FSC General Assembly Gathers Diverse Membership

FSC Issues its 2021 Annual Report

FSC connects with stakeholders in Maine

New Additions to the FSC US Board of Directors

FSC US goes remote

Welcome Newest Certificate Holders

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FSC Featured in Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Program

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Protecting and maintaining natural commu­nities and high conservation value forests.


Building markets, adding best value, and creating equitable access to benefits.


08.11.2022 · National News

General Assembly Moves FSC Into Forest Restoration

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08.11.2022 · Market News

Wood Furniture Scorecard Highlights Leaders

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13.10.2022 · Technical News

WWF Releases Ecosystem Services Report

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13.10.2022 · Technical News

Esri Gifts $1.8M of Mapping Technology to FSC

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Upcoming Events

08.11.2022 · Technical News

2022 Controlled Wood Regional Meetings

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08.11.2022 · Events

Carbon Friendly Forestry Conference

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13.10.2022 · Events

FSC Reception at Greenbuild 2022

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20.09.2022 · Technical News

FSC participating in Inaugural Women’s Forest Congress

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As of July 2022:
36.4 million acres Certified forest area, US
160.3 million acres certified in the US and Canada
3,222 companies certified in the US

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