Kum & Go Convenience Stores

100+ stores across Midwestern US
Winner: Market Transformation

Gross square feet: 1.2 Million Sq Ft in 100 stores (and growing)
Owner: Kum & Go
Architecture and Interior Design: Shiffler Associates
General Contractor: Henning Construction, LLC 

  • To encourage environmentally responsible forest management, Kum & Go uses a minimum of 95% of all wood-based materials and products that are FSC certified, based on cost.
  • Kum & Go is the first and only convenience retailer in the LEED Volume program.
  • The company has used FSC-certified wood (either at the 50% or, most recently, 95% level) in all new stores since 2009. 
  • Wood is used in the shelving top caps, the coffee condiment island, the roller grill-island, the front cashier counter, the checkout walls, the managers’ station, the beverage counter, the end cap surrounds, and the sheathing.
  • “This project blew me away!” Mara Baum, HOK Architects