Oakland, CA

Commercial / Institutional – Judges Choice
President: Juan Figueroa

“I’m really impressed by the level of demand this commitment has created in the marketplace – and with the use of North American hardwoods rather than tropical timber.”

  • FSC-certified wood tables manufactured for Cisco Systems, to be used with their teleconference systems worldwide.
  • FSC Mix using FSC-certified hardwood lumber, particleboard and architectural veneer.
  • Approximately $4 million of FSC-certified materials used by Woodtech to manufacture these tables in 2011.
  • Woodtech has manufactured more than 8,000 of these tables for Cisco over the last five years. 
  • This is the first wood table integrating high-tech hardware, and the first that is FSC-certified. 
  • A veneer mill, distributor, hardwood lumber wholesale distributor and veneer panel manufacturer all became FSC Chain-of-Custody certified to supply materials into this product line.