FSC US Controlled Wood National Risk Assessment (US NRA)

The FSC US Board of Directors has approved a final draft FSCUS Controlled Wood National Risk Assessment (CWNRA) and has submitted it to FSC International for final review and approval.

A Simpler, More Transparent, and More Accessible Risk Assessment that will Maintain and Enhance the Controlled Wood System in the US
The final draft builds on the version that was publicly consulted in early 2018. The changes for this final version focus on adding further rationale for risk designations, revising risk designations when new information and/or consultation with experts suggested it was appropriate, refining the areas of specified risk when additional information was available,and refining the Control Measures based upon consultation comments and furtherWorking Group discussion.

Final Draft Risk Designations:
Category 1 - Illegally harvested wood: Low Risk
Category 2 - Wood harvested in violation of traditional and human rights: Low Risk
Category 3 - Wood from forests in which high conservation values are threatened by management activities: Specified Risk in portions of the Pacific Coast, Rocky Mountain, Mississippi Alluvial Valley, Appalachian and Southeast Regions
Category 4 - Wood from forests being converted to plantations or non-forest use: Specified Risk for specific counties within the Pacific Coast and Southeast Regions
Category 5 - Wood from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted: Low Risk

Final Draft Documents Available:
1. FSC US Controlled Wood Risk Assessment - the full CWNRA is available as a single pdf document which includes the required risk assessment template, along with a number of annexes that provide supplementary information. For Categories 2, 3, and 4, we recommend focusing on the annexes associated with those sections instead of the main template document. These annexes provide additional guidance, context, and details that informed the risk designations and do so in an easier to read format. Additional materials that may assist your review include:

2. Consultation Report from the second public consultation

3. Static maps of areas with specified risk - all maps are in a single pdf document. [NOTE: we are in the process of developing a spatial data layer that will be available in the coming weeks. To request this data, please email j.anderson at us.fsc point org.] A static map of all HCV 1 Critical Biodiversity Areas is also available. This map includes both those with low risk and with specified risk.

To facilitate the implementation of the Control Measures included in the CWNRA, FSC US is hosting three regional meetings to provide an opportunity for certificate holders and other stakeholders to collaboratively identify ways to mitigate risk where it has been identified. Three Controlled Wood Regional Meetings, each focusing on a regionally specific set of specified risk designations identified in the CWNRA, are planned. The meeting dates and locations include:

  • Appalachian Region Specified Risk Designations. Thursday, July 19, 2018 in Asheville, NC at the Collider.
  • Southeast and Mississippi Alluvial Valley Region Specified Risk Designations. Tuesday, July 31, 2018 in Atlanta, GA at the Trees Atlanta Kendeda Center.
  • Pacific Coast and Rocky Mountain Region Specified Risk Designations. Tuesday, August 14, 2018 in Portland, OR at the Village Ballroom.

Visit engage.us.fsc.org for more information on the Controlled Wood Regional Meetings, including information to help you prepare for the meetings and registration. FSC US is also hosting a webinar on July 10, 2018 at 1pm Central to help you prepare for the Controlled Wood Regional Meeting. You can register for the webinar using this link.

Please contact FSC US with any questions you have about the FSC US Controlled Wood National Risk Assessment.