Supplementary Requirements for
US Forest Service Lands

STATUS: Third Public Consultation Closed

FSC US welcomes your participation in the third and final public consultation of the (“forest tested”) drafts of supplementary certification requirements for lands managed by the US Forest Service.

The consultation is now closed. Download the consultation report here.

To date, FSC certification of US Forest Service lands has not been possible due to an agreement among stakeholders that additional requirements to the FSC standard were needed to capture the unique conditions associated with National Forests, including ownership, history, mandate and resource management objectives.

In January 2015, the FSC US Board of Directors initiated a process to develop these supplementary certification requirements, including supplementary requirements to both the FSC Forest Stewardship Standard as well as to the Certification Body Auditing Procedures.

The process to develop these supplementary requirements follows FSC procedures for developing or revising normative documents, including technical input and oversight from a chamber-balanced and consensus-based working group and technical experts, and opportunities for broader stakeholder engagement.

The first consultation took place from February 23 through April 22, 2016, and after revisions were made to the draft based on comments received, a second consultation was held from June 1 through July 31, 2016. The working group then developed a ‘forest testing’ draft which was tested on the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest on January 6, 2017. The primary purpose of the exercise was to test the auditability of the proposed supplementary requirements – it was not a certification audit of the National Forest – as directed by FSC International procedures for standards revisions.

This current Draft 3 under consultation is the ‘forest-tested’ draft.

Key Documents
Download documents from the following links:

FSC US Federal Lands Group
Working Group:

  • Environmental: Christina Hall, The Nature Conservancy
  • Economic: Mike Jani, Humboldt Redwoods Company
  • Social: Lynn Jungwirth, Watershed Research and Training Center

Technical Experts:

  • Dr. Robert Hrubes, SCS Global Services
  • Mark Heyde, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
  • Katie Fernholz, Dovetail Partners

Others to be added as needs and opportunities arise.

Project Actions and Timeline

  • January - September 2015: Project initiation, information gathering, stakeholder outreach and establishment of the Federal Lands Group (Terms of Reference).
  • December 16-18, 2015: First in-person meeting of the Federal Lands Group to develop draft 1 (Meeting Summary Report).
  • February 23 - April 22, 2016: First public consultation on draft 1 (Consultation Report).
  • March 31: Interactive webinar on first draft
  • May 4 - 6, 2016: Second in-person meeting of the Federal Lands Group to develop draft 2 based on stakeholder comments.
  • June 3 - July 10, 2016: Second public consultation on draft 2. (Consultation Report)
  • January 6, 2017: Forest-testing exercise (Report)
  • February 13 - April 13, 2017: Third public consultation on draft 3, the forest-tested draft (Announcement)
  • Late April 2017 (tentative): Development of draft 4 (expected final draft) based on stakeholder comments and submission to FSC US Board of Directors for decision-making.
  • May 2017 (tentative): FSC International Board of Directors decision-making on the final draft.

Join the Consultative Forum
A Consultative Forum has been established as a way for stakeholders to stay informed about this process and for ongoing opportunities to provide input. Active and informed stakeholder engagement is critical to the success of this project and we welcome your participation in the Consultative Forum.

For more information, please contact Amy Clark Eagle (

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