Design & Build with FSC Awards

2013 Winners Recognized at Greenbuild in Philadelphia

Center for Sustainable Landscapes

 (© Denmarsh Photography, Inc.)© Denmarsh Photography, Inc.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Berea College Deep Green Student Residence

 (© Berea College)© Berea College

Hellmuth + Bicknese Architects, LLC and Berea College

Desert Rain House

 (© Desert Rain House)© Desert Rain House

Tom Elliott and Barbara Scott, owners
Tozer Design – Timberline Construction
Vidas Architecture, LLC

Roberts House

 (© Roberts House)© Roberts House

Green Hammer

The Forest Stewardship Council-US recognizes the best commercial and residential construction projects each year, based on innovative use of FSC-certified wood products.  

Announced during a reception at Greenbuild in Philadelphia, the award-winning projects demonstrate the benefits and practicality of using products from responsibly-managed forests. 

Winning projects are selected based on the following criteria: 

  • Quanitity of FSC-certified forest products used
  • Innovative use of FSC-certified products
  • Extent of supply chain development resulting from the project 

Collectively, these projects show that use of the FSC-certified wood delivers benefits to the forest and the marketplace, and that wood from responsibly managed forests can meet all design and construction needs. 

Case Study of 2013 Design & Build with FSC Awards