Make your voice heard


FSC members are fundamental to the organization and its vision. Diverse economic, social, and environmental interests share decision-making authority, bringing integrity and resilience to the FSC system.

Members vote on the policy, standards and governance of FSC. And US-based members can run for the FSC-US board of directors, as well as the International board of directors.

Members can represent an organization, or serve as an individual.

It is important to note that if you are an FSC Certificate Holder, you are not necessarily a member. Certified companies should consider becoming FSC members to make sure your voices are represented in decisions.

Reasons to become an FSC member:

  • Show your support for the mission and values of FSC.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to responsible forest management.
  • Make your voice heard by electing members to the board of directors and voting on policy motions.
  • Join an active network of peers.

All members are encouraged to attend the FSC General Assembly, held every three years, where motions are presented and voted upon by members.

To see a list of all members, visit the FSC International site. For a list of US-based members, download the PDF to the right.

Become a member of FSC today.

For any questions about membership, please contact info at us.fsc point org.