Controlled Wood Strategy

Public Consultation: FSC Controlled Wood Strategy Process Discussion Paper

In order to further develop the controlled wood strategy, FSC is holding an open consultation following the recent Controlled Wood Global Strategy Workshop which resulted in development of a Discussion Paper.

The outcome of this consultation will be reviewed and revisited in discussions conducted during the second global meeting in August. Ultimately, this will contribute to the final controlled wood strategy document, which will be presented at the FSC general assembly in October 2017.

The consultation will be held from May 9 – June 11, 2017.

The following resources are available for this consultation:

Controlled Wood Strategy
FSC wants to meet aspirations and long term objectives of the FSC Global Strategic Plan 2020-2050 (GSP): to “Turn the Tide” by shifting the global forest trend towards sustainable use, conservation, restoration, and respect for all, and achieve Forests for All Forever. This will require a transformative shift in the political and economic drivers of forest management around the world.

In order to “turn the tide”, FSC must establish a new ‘forest paradigm’ to significantly increase our overall impact on the management of the worlds’ forests. This foundational statement highlights FSC’s need to operate at a scale significant enough to move us towards delivering a new paradigm through economic, environmental, and social benefits at the highest level of credibility to our stakeholders.

The current model of FSC relies heavily on the presence and continuation of the FSC Mix products, and by extension, controlled wood. While there is no definitive causal explanation for the accelerated growth of FSC, it is clear that the FSC Mix product category and the availability of the credit system, along with the risk-based approach for controlling wood from uncertified forests is a major factor. FSC Mix is now dominant in the FSC system, and generates the main source of income for the operating costs of FSC.

Since 2013, the Secretariat has been tasked with scrutinizing the existing model with extensive stakeholder input, and, in so doing, developing a long- term strategy for the controlled wood program. The timeframe for the strategy for FSC Mix products is 2035. This timeframe is based on the principles of the Future Search methodology: short enough to motivate the necessary actions and long enough to implement it.

More information about the strategy can be found on the FSC International website.