Controlled Wood

Controlled Wood

The FSC Mix label was introduced in 2004 and allows manufacturers to mix FSC-certified material with non-certified materials in FSC-labeled products under controlled conditions. The non-certified material subject to these controlled conditions is referred to as "Controlled Wood." This system has enabled manufacturers to maintain an efficient supply chain while creating demand for FSC-certified products.

The FSC Controlled Wood Standard requires the certificate holders that use Controlled Wood to mitigate the risk of using wood products from undesirable sources in FSC-labeled products. Mitigation must be implemented when the risk of sourcing from the following types of forests is great than 'low' (as assessed in FSC risk assessments):

  • Illegally harvested forests
  • Forests that were harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights
  • Forests where High Conservation Values are threatened by management activities
  • Natural forests that were converted to non-forest uses
  • Forests with genetically modified trees.

The FSC US National Risk Assessment (US NRA) is to be used by all companies that wish to control uncertified forest materials from the conterminous United States so that the materials may be mixed with FSC-certified materials and used in products that carry the FSC Mix label. Visit the US NRA webpage for more information.

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