Trademark License for Product Promotion

Non-Chain of Custody (CoC) certified companies that want to make off-product* promotional claims about FSC certified packaged and labeled products that they buy and sell must apply for a Trademark License for Product Promotion

*Off-product promotion includes any promotion that is not on the product (i.e. in store, print ads, website, etc.).

After completing the application process, you will become a Trademark Licensee with the rights to use the FSC trademarks to promote your company's FSC certified products. Additionally, you will be issued a unique license code and a version of the FSC logo. This license code will identify you as a registered Trademark Licensee to consumers and can be used when promoting your FSC certified products to consumers. Over the course of the application process, FSC will work with you to check the validity of FSC claims for all products that you want to promote to ensure that the Chain of Custody is intact. We will also provide you with guidance on using the FSC trademarks and messaging the FSC brand to consumers.

If you think you are eligible for a Trademark License for Product Promotion, please confirm that ALL FIVE of the following conditions apply before initiating the application process:

1. The products are labeled with an on-product label that was placed there by an FSC certified company.

2. The products have been sourced directly from, and invoiced by FSC certified companies.
This means that there is no company in between the applicant and the supplier that takes legal ownership over the product.

3. The products are included within the scope of each certified company's CoC certificate.
You can verify this by looking up the company's certificate information in FSC's Global Certificate Database.

4. The applicant is promoting products to end consumers
If the applicant is selling to another company that wants to promote the products as FSC certified, FSC Chain of Custody certification may be required.

5. The products will not be repackaged, relabeled, or altered in any way.

If all of the above five conditions apply, please complete the application process and submit all pieces of the application to info at us.fsc point org.

If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact us at: info at us.fsc point org.