Roberts House

Ashland, OR

 (© Roberts House)© Roberts HouseHonorable Mention: Residential

Gross Square Feet: 5,235
Owners: Kashuana and Jeff Roberts
Design & Build: Green Hammer 

  • The Roberts House achieved chain-of-custody FSC certification for the entire building structure, making it just the third building in the US to achieve this certification—all of which have been certified through Green Hammer.
  • Given the size of this residential structure, one of the most innovative things about it is the use of 100% FSC-certified wood for the structure and framing.  
  • The natural beauty of the wood products used throughout the house is consistent with the homeowners’ desire to create a healthy living space that demonstrates their commitment to environmental stewardship and love of the outdoors. 
  • Project sourced all wood from Sustainable Northwest Wood, Parr Lumber, Cascadia Forest products, Mountain Lumber Co.
  • FSC-certified products include the following: Douglas fir 2x various-width for roof, floor trusses, roof framing, wall framing, headers, Douglas fir 4x various-width for beams, Douglas fir 6x various width for structural beams, Glulams from Boise Cascade for structural beams, Pacific Albus 1x4 for interior trim, Centurian 5/4x for exterior trim, Walnut wide-plank flooring and base, trim and case work, Walnut and maple CDX furniture-grade ply for cabinetry, Walnut for cabinetry through the house