Green Building

Green Building (© John Stamets for Bullitt Center)© John Stamets for Bullitt Center

FSC-certified wood is the most specified green-building product in McGraw-Hill’s database of 60,000 project specifications collected annually, surpassing even EnergyStar.

With more than a thousand FSC Chain-of-Custody certified construction product suppliers in the U.S. alone, and thousands more globally, it has never been easier to find and use FSC-certified products in green building.


  • Source FSC Wood Products - The database includes type of building products and suppliers available in North America including sales contact information, and whether the product is in stock, available for 4-week delivery, or custom. The FSC Builders' Guide is specifically dedicated to serving those interested in using responsibly-sourced wood products in construction and includes tips for architects, property developers, contractors and interior designers.
  • The Building Product Inquiry Form is an online form that can be used to find FSC certified building materials suppliers who carry products you seek for a specific building project.
  • FSC and LEED v4 (formerly known as LEED 2012).
  • FAQs for about LEED and FSC.