FSC Global Projects

FSC offers guidance on many different topics. Below is a list of current global projects and campaigns being led by FSC International.

Pest Management (Pesticides)
The FSC Principles and Criteria aim to prevent, minimize and mitigate the negative environmental and socialimpacts of pesticide use while promoting economically prosperous management of the world's forests. The FSC label is an eco-label, conveying high levels of social and environmental performance with FSCrequirements exceeding the minimum legal obligations applicable to a company within a particularjurisdiction.

Forest Certification for Ecosystem Services (ForCES)
The new landmark project, ForCES, looks at what changes to the FSC system are needed over a four year period, 2011-2015, for FSC to become a global leader in the certification of ecosystem services.

International Generic Indicators
This website is an information hub containing everything you need to know about the International Generic Indicators (IGIs): their background; why they're being developed; which FSC Standards and stakeholders they will affect; how they will be implemented; and when. Here, you'll also find details on the various groups, meetings and consultations that have been put in place to develop the IGIs; and, importantly, how you can contribute to them.

FSC Certificate Holders Welcome Kit
This portal provides an introduction to the FSC system for new Certificate Holders, as well as other stakeholders. It provides the navigation, resources and contacts you need to maximize the benefits of FSC certification.

Change Our Fiberboards
Change Our Fiberboards is about getting forest owners and fiberboard manufacturers to introduce more FSC-certified fiberboard into their product ranges to meet the demand for FSC-certified materials.

FSC Friday
FSC Friday is our annual celebration of responsible forest management. Everybody is encouraged to participate in FSC Friday and the celebrations are global!

Online Claims Platform
FSC is working in partnership with Historic Futures (HF) to develop a new software system - the FSC Online Claims Platform (OCP). The move from a paper-based system will yield huge benefits critical to FSC's credibility and will improve the integrity of the FSC Chain-of-Custody system. The goal of the OCP is to provide assurance of the veracity of any FSC claim made on a given product, in a timely manner. For the FSC system as a whole, the OCP provides an innovative and efficient solution to maintain and increase trust in the FSC brand, while also positioning the FSC as a leader in sustainability certification.