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Thursday, 13 July 2017
FSC Members Vote for Board of Directors Until August 6

FSC US Board of Directors 2017

July 13, 2017

Voting for the 2017 elections for the FSC US Board of Directors will be open until Sunday, August 6.

Candidates include:

  • Sophie Beckham, International Paper, Economic Chamber
  • Tim Beyer, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Economic Chamber
  • Peggy Murphy, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Economic Chamber
  • Jason Grant, Sierra Club, Environmental Chamber
  • Linda Walker, World Wildlife Fund, Environmental Chamber
  • Ted Wright, Trust to Conserve Northeast Forestlands, Environmental Chamber
  • Celia (Cece) Headley, Northwest Forest Worker Center, Social

The Board of Directors is FSC US’ highest governing authority. Organized under FSC’s three chamber system, the Board leads the development of national strategy, approves national forest management standards and policies, ensures effective financial oversight, and oversees the chief executive.

The elected members of the FSC US Board are drawn from and elected by US based members.

2017 FSC US Board of Directors Elections Schedule

  • Thursday, May 18 - Call for nominations and seconds for FSC US Board of Directors
  • Sunday, June 25 - Call for nominations closes
  • Wednesday, July 5 - Voting opens, ballots circulated
  • Sunday, August 6 - Voting closes
  • Wednesday, August 23 - New Board members are announced

Each of the three chambers (Social, Economic, Environmental) has three elected representatives on the Board, and each Board member serves a three-year term. In a typical year, three Board member positions, one from each chamber, are open for election. Read more about the position openings and responsibilities of Board members.

FSC International Board Elections

In addition to the FSC US Board openings, FSC International has announced its candidates for the FSC 2017 Board Elections, which was shared with members via the member portal.

The following members have been nominated in the North sub-chamber:

Social North:

  • Hubert Kwisthout, Individual Member, United Kingdom
  • Leendert van der Vlist, Netherlands Centre for Indigenous Peoples, The Netherlands

Environmental North:

  • Barbara Bramble, Individual Member, United States of America
  • Patrick Spencer, Cork Forest Conservation Alliance, United States

Economic North:

  • Alan Thorne, Tembec, Canada
  • Michael E Jani, Individual Member, United States of America
  • Robert Hunik, Precious Woods Holding Ltd, Switzerland

Voting will take place online from June to September, and the results will be announced in October. For more information about the FSC International Board of Directors Election, please contact Guille Garza (