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Friday, 01 April 2011
New Chain-of-Custody Directive

On March 30th, 2011 FSC issued a new FSC CoC Directive.

This CoC Directive was named FSC-DIR-40-004_EN_COC_Certification_2011-03-30, which contains one change and two new Advice Notes:

On page 12: Minor change in ADVICE-40-004-04 — inclusion of “FSC Controlled Wood”On page 13: ADVICE-40-004-06 — Which components of a product need to be certified?On page 16: ADVICE-40-004-07 — Sale of FSC certified products through non-FSC certified auction entities[/list]
The 40-004-04 modification allows the option for FSC Controlled Wood product groups that contain co-products to be registered according to the ADVICE-40-004-04. This change specifically allows FSC Certificate Holders that employ the credit system to register their co-products that they sell as “FSC Controlled Wood.” As of January 1, 2013 all co-product must be verified against the Controlled Wood standard in order to be mixed in an FSC certified product.

ADVICE-40-004-06 is a clarification of which components of an FSC certified product must be an FSC eligible input in order for the product to be claimed as FSC certified. This advice adds clarity to the FSC CoC 40-004v2 standard and does not alter it.

ADVICE-40-0004-07 is a clarification of which entities must be FSC certified when products are sold through an auction. This advice adds clarity to the FSC CoC 40-004v2 standard and does not alter it.

Please note the link to the finalized Directive along with the red-lined Directive for ease of understanding the modifications/additions.

Emily Crumley
Chain-of-Custody Manager, FSC-US
(612) 812-1447