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Thursday, 21 June 2018
Championing FSC as Indispensable Tool to Fight Deforestation

Forest - DRG

June 2018

The world is losing forests at a wholly unsustainable rate of 75 million acres per year, which has huge impacts in terms of climate pollution, loss of habitat and diminished livelihoods for millions of people worldwide. While research shows that FSC is an important tool to stop deforestation, it cannot prevent it completely, notably on uncertified forestlands.

In a recent column in GreenBiz, FSC US president Corey Brinkema argued that there is no “silver bullet” to stop deforestation. Instead, a three-part approach is needed: Stop trade in illegal products. Avoid products from deforestation. Choose products from certified responsibly managed forests.

While some argue we need to move “beyond certification,” in reality there are no singular solutions. Certification plays an important role in halting deforestation by supporting markets for products from responsibly managed forests. But it does not necessarily stop illegal trade in forest products or conversion of uncertified forests.

Too often, the search for a single solution can delay meaningful action. When it comes to a complex issue like deforestation, multiple strategies are required simultaneously. And since people use forest products every day, forest certification remains one central strategy.

Read the column.