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Wednesday, 05 April 2017
C.F. Martin & Co Announces New 2017 FSC-Certified Guitars

FSC-Certified Guitars by C.F. Martin & Co (© C.F. Martin & Co)© C.F. Martin & Co

April 5, 2017

Leading luthier grows its collection of FSC-certified guitars.

Since 1997, Martin Guitar has been committed to sourcing their wood from responsibly managed forests and have been FSC Chain-of-Custody Certified, as part of its Responsible Timber Purchasing Policy.

According to their website, “We base our commercial activities on responsible stewardship of the world's forest resources. We also firmly believe in improving the standard of living in communities that we source our materials.”

As big Wilco fans, we were thrilled when Martin released their FSC-certified Custom Artist model guitar, the 00-DB Jeff Tweedy. And they just produced and presented James Valentine, Martin Ambassador and lead guitarist of Maroon 5, with his new FSC-certified guitar earlier this year. The presentation was part of Martin’s partnership with the Rainforest Alliance, their FSC Certification Body, on the #FollowTheFrog campaign. Watch a video from Chris Martin about the campaign and view more photos.

This year, Martin Guitars has produced the new OMC-16E, the first FSC-certified guitar in the Americana Series that features a cherry back and sides, along with two additional new FSC-certified models.

So for all the guitar lovers out there, check out Martin’s growing collection of FSC-certified options.