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Monday, 01 October 2001
Consumer’s Choice Council, FSC social chamber member since 1999

Founded in 1997, the Consumer's Choice Council (CCC) is a non-profit association of 66 environmental, consumer, and human rights organizations, dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting human rights and basic labor standards through ecolabeling.

CCC’s main goal is to ensure that consumers in the U.S. and around the world have the information they need to purchase goods and services that are produced in more environmentally sustainable and socially just ways.

The Council's core objectives include: advocating independent, third-party labeling of consumer products; supporting efforts to facilitate environmentally- and socially-preferable procurement and recycling by the federal government and multilateral development banks; and working with the U.S. Trade Representative, the World Trade Organization, and non-governmental organizations in the U.S. and around the world to strengthen and enforce environmental considerations and internationally-recognized worker rights in the conduct of international trade.

The Council focuses on two commodities: forest products and coffee. The Forest program is working with the city of New York to encourage the procurement of recycled, biobased and independent, third party certified wood products. The Coffee program works on developing collaborative strategies for sourcing and selling sustainable coffee. The Council also has Government Relations and Labor programs that advocates Forest and Coffee program work through the federal government, multilateral development banks and other intergovernmental organizations, and organized labor.

As the newest member of the social chamber of the FSC-U.S. board of directors, Ned Daly plans to increase involvement and input from labor and religious organizations.