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Tuesday, 15 May 2001
Welcome - 1st edition of FSC News & Views!

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Dear Friends,Welcome all to the first edition of FSC News and Views! We’ve developed this forum to share news and recognize the contributions of the broad and diverse network of partners that comprise FSC. Look for a new edition every few weeks to keep everyone up to speed on FSC's continued growth and success. I’d like to personally encourage everyone to share feedback and ideas for upcoming editions. If you have an issue you’d like to address, please contact Meme Lobecker at staff and I here at FSC-U.S. are starting to feel at home in our new office at 1155 30th Street NW in Washington, DC. Thanks to the handiwork of Hardwood Artisans (Woodbridge, VA), Kane Hardwoods (Kane, PA) and Caoba Door (Philadelphia, PA), the new office boasts FSC-certified furniture, flooring and doors. Stop by if you’re in town!-Hank Cauley