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Wednesday, 13 September 2023
Welcoming the new FSC US Board of Directors

We thank each of you who participated in the 2023 FSC US Board of Directors Elections. Your active involvement in shaping the future of the Forest Stewardship Council is invaluable. Today, we are pleased to announce the election results. We welcome back familiar faces, as well as introduce two newly appointed board members who will contribute their expertise to the FSC mission.

Returning Board Members: Before we dive into the exciting introductions, let's recognize the returning members of the FSC US Board of Directors who continue to provide essential leadership to our organization:

Economic Chamber:
David Williams, Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

Social Chamber:
Ted Wright, Trust to Conserve Northeast Forestlands

These dedicated individuals have demonstrated their commitment to sustainable forestry and the FSC's principles over the years and we are thrilled to see them re-elected for another term.

New Faces, Fresh Perspectives: Now, it's our pleasure to introduce the two newly appointed board members who will join the FSC US Board of Directors and bring fresh perspectives and expertise to our organization:

Social Chamber: Ryan Temple, President of Sustainable Northwest Wood, Inc.

Ryan Temple is a regional leader in the effort to provide local and sustainable wood products to the green building community. He has been involved with the FSC movement for nearly 25 years and is one of the top regional experts in sustainable forestry, forest-based economic development, and green wood products marketing. Ryan's extensive relationships with Northwest sawmills and his intimate knowledge of the green building community on the West Coast give him a unique perspective on opportunities to grow sustainable wood products markets.

Ryan shared his enthusiasm for joining the FSC board, saying, "Both nationally and globally, the mission of FSC is more pertinent than ever. A long career working at the crossroads of sustainable forestry and community development has made me keenly aware of both the challenges and opportunities before us. I look forward to doing what I can to support FSC-US staff and help the organization reach its full potential."

Economic Chamber: Keith Kintigh, Acting Supervisor, Planning and Adaptation Section, State of Michigan, Department of Natural Resources

Keith Kintigh brings a wealth of experience from his role as a Conservation and Certification Specialist for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Forest Resources Division. His responsibilities include coordinating the State's sustainable forest certification program and rare species and special area management on Michigan's 4-million-acre state forest system. With over 23 years of experience, Keith is a Wildlife Biologist by training and has dedicated most of his career to working in Michigan state forests.

Keith expressed his commitment, stating, "While I've been involved with FSC-US for a number of years as a member representing the Michigan DNR, I look forward to becoming more engaged, providing a voice for FSC-certified public forest lands specifically, and the economic chamber more broadly. I am honored to be collaborating with FSC-US staff and the board as we work to grow FSC in the US."

We are excited to welcome Ryan Temple and Keith Kintigh, whose diverse backgrounds and experiences will undoubtedly enrich our discussions and decision-making processes.

Election Results and Overview: Below, you'll find a summary of the election results, including the number of votes cast for each candidate and the total vote weighting per chamber. As per our Bylaws, each chamber is allocated 33 1/3 percent of the overall vote weight. Organizational votes are determined by dividing 90 by the number of ballots received in a particular chamber.
Individual votes are weighted by dividing 10 by the number of ballots received.

Thank you for your ongoing support in building a sustainable future.