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Wednesday, 12 February 2020
Barbara Bramble Appointed Board Chair of FSC International

February 12, 2020

FSC US congratulates Barbara Bramble on her appointment as Chairperson of the FSC International Board of Directors. A former member of the FSC US Board of Directors, Barbara is the VP of International Conservation and Corporate Strategies for the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). She has served on the FSC International Board as an Environmental North sub-chamber representative since 2015 and served on the US Board for six years prior.

Barbara has long been an advocate for environmental and social change. Over the past 30 years at NWF, she has developed innovative approaches to reform the environmental and social policies of financial institutions such as the World Bank, reduce the negative environmental impacts of international trade agreements, establish voluntary certification systems to promote sustainable forest and agriculture products, and increase U.S. contributions to international voluntary family planning, reproductive health, and education for girls and women.

You can read more about Barbara’s work on NWF’s website.