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Monday, 15 July 2002
FSC-U.S. Stronger Than Ever

As you might have heard, after three years at the helm of FSC-U.S. I am moving on to continue my work in the private sector at the company I started, Innovative Environmental Technologies. While it is hard to leave so many friends and colleagues in the certification community, I am heartened by the progress and momentum that we have all built during my stay here.

The Forest Stewardship Council-U.S. is stronger than ever. While the reasons behind our successes are many, a key one has been the support of a broad spectrum of stakeholders from the Certified Forest Products Council to the World Wildlife Fund to the Home Depot. Together, they are promoting forestry practices that are environmentally sound, socially just, and economically viable.

Since I came on board as U.S. executive director in 1999, we have grown the organization from a two-person staff to a truly professional operation. We have increased U.S. certified acreage to 9.4-million acres, established a west coast office in closer proximity to many of our key constituents, added new staff, and overseen national advertising campaigns with popular celebrities such as Pierce Brosnan and Jennifer Lopez. FSC-U.S. has also played a key role in helping the development of the FSC network around the globe.

This year FSC-U.S. will complete all regional standards for forest certification, expand the board of directors, grow the membership, and resolve the Sierra Club dispute of the J.D. Irving Allagash certificate in Maine. I have complete confidence in the FSC-U.S. team to execute these plans and strengthen the sustainability of the certification movement.

I am exceptionally proud of the association I have had with the FSC over the past three years and the role I’ve been able to play in making FSC certification a positive force in improving North American commercial forestry. I have spent the majority of my career creating and growing businesses that make environmental conservation a core principle of the company, and it is now time to return to those roots in my own business.

The decision to leave the FSC-U.S. was a difficult one given the many tasks that still need to be done ranging from market development to further refinement of FSC policies and procedures. However, the FSC-U.S. is well positioned to allow new leadership to flourish. My company will be joining the FSC and I look forward to continuing my professional relationship with so many colleagues who do so much good work. Thanks to all of you for your commitment to the FSC and I look forward to future collaboration.

Hank Cauley