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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Newly Elected Board Members

New FSC board members

September 20, 2018

The Forest Stewardship Council US is thrilled to welcome two new members to the U.S. Board of Directors.

In the Economic Chamber, Sarah Billig has served as the Director of Stewardship for Mendocino and Humboldt Redwood Companies for 15 years, managing the organization’s FSC forest management certificates as well as FSC chain of custody certification for two sawmills, three distribution centers, and four treated wood plants. Sarah also manages the companies’ forest inventory and information systems. Sarah received her B.S from the University of Michigan in Natural Resources. Read Sarah’s full biography and position statement.

In the Social Chamber, Shoana Humphries is a co-founder of Green Value, a California-based consulting firm that provides training, research, and other services to support small and medium sustainable forest enterprises around the globe. She has worked in small-scale forestry and forest certification for the last 20 years in the US, Latin America, and Europe, including co-leading the development of the FSC standards for the Southeastern US and serving as Social Policy Manager at FSC International. Shoana has a PhD in Forest Resources and Conservation. Read Shoana’s full biography and position statement.

Participation in the FSC US Board takes time, critical thinking, and creativity. The Board needs individuals who represent key constituencies, and who are willing to represent the organization’s entire membership.

FSC US congratulates our two new directors.