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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Member Profile: Certified Wood Products

FSC Member profile - Certified Wood Products

September 20, 2018

Organization: Certified Wood Products, Inc.

Describe your organization’s mission or focus: Diane Haugen, Owner and CEO, and Dan Haugen, Owner and President, describe the mission of Certified Wood Products (CWP) as rewarding excellent forest management through successful commerce and industry and the opportunity to give our customers a way to make a difference. They also want to make it simple to buy FSC-certified forest products that ensure wood purchasing decisions are good for the environment, socially responsible, top quality, safeguard forest ecosystems and good for the bottom line, as well as support the values and principles of the LEED Green Building System, The Living Building Challenge and Passive House.

Date joined as an FSC member: July 25, 2018

Date first FSC-certified*: December 15, 2000

Organization’s location & scope of work: Located outside Minneapolis, in Maple Lake, Minnesota, CWP’s inventory includes framing lumber, plywood, oriented strand board, pine boards, and softwood plywood. They offer pre-cut lumber and plywood and panelized walls for rough carpentry packages and provide technical consulting on wood and lumber purchases to ensure their customers are making the right product purchases for function, quality and market value.

Why FSC is important to you and your company? “FSC gets it! We appreciate its certification criteria that ensures growers and harvesters of FSC-certified forest products protect water quality, restrict highly hazardous chemicals, minimize clear-cuts, protect old growth, protect the loss of natural forest cover, forbid illegal logging, and protect the customary rights and resources of indigenous people and local communities. Our wood resources and our planet deserve no less.

We feel the work of the FSC reduces the tension between generating economic returns and the principles of sound and responsible forest management. We enjoy supplying our customers the brand of wood that is trusted by the top-ranking environmental organizations. We value working with FSC to supply the brand of wood that leads to excellent and faithful stewardship of one of our most prized environment possessions.

The success of our future is dependent on the informed and responsible choices we make today. Being able to buy wood, pulp, and paper products that are FSC-certified helps all of us do our part.

Certified Wood Products is proud to be part of the purchasing choice that ensures ‘forests for all forever!’"


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