Wednesday, 01 December 2010
FSC General Assembly Notification and Call for Motions

FSC General Assembly

The FSC General Assembly will be held in Malaysia in June 2011. The FSC General Assembly occurs every three years and is a unique opportunity for the FSC membership to deliberate and vote on key decisions regarding the fundamental principles and policies of FSC governance and certification.

All members are highly encouraged to participate and may vote either directly at the meeting or via proxy.

FSC’s success as a system is dependent on active participation in governance and decision-making by the membership.

Please contact Andrea Carlson, Project Associate at FSC-US ( if you are interested in becoming a member either as an individual or as an organization.

Also, be sure to see the exciting venue chosen for the General Assembly at the FSC International Center’s website.

Submission of Motions and Side Meetings

There are two dates that are approaching that we would like to be sure that you are fully aware of:

  • All motions must be submitted to the Motions Committee by January 15, 2011.
  • All proposals for side meetings must be submitted to organizers by January 31, 2011.

All FSC members interested in developing a motion should be sure to make a submission prior to the due date. Submissions for motions may be edited, revised, and harmonized with other motion submissions prior to the General Assembly, but only if originally submitted prior to January 15th.

FSC-US General Assembly Outreach and Facilitation

FSC-US is committed to facilitating organized representation of US-based FSC members and stakeholders at the General Assembly. We are in a position coordinate development of proposed governance or policy motions as well as coordinate support for motions that represent US and North American interests in maintaining the value of, access to, and integrity of our system.

Submission of motions and voting is limited to FSC members. Certificate holders that wish to participate in FSC governance and policy-making at this level should apply for membership. However, given that we have many partner organizations and certificate holders that are not members, we encourage all stakeholders who have motion proposals to participate in motion development and submit ideas for motions to FSC-US.

In addition, FSC-US is committed to participating in side events to ensure proper recognition of the success, value, and integrity of the FSC system in the US and North America. Side events are venues for presentations of perspectives of the successes and challenges of the FSC system and are generally geared to better understand implications of particular motions or groups of motions.

Gary Dodge
Director of Science and Certification, FSC-US
(530) 621-3249