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Wednesday, 09 March 2022
Watch the FSC Globescan Webinar

By: Chris McLaren

On March 3, FSC hosted a webinar featuring consumer awareness insights from GlobeScan, with additional contributions from HP and Williams-Sonoma. Focusing on results in the US and Canada, the webinar digs into research based on a 2021 survey of 12,000 consumers in 15 countries, offering insights into how North American consumer attitudes and awareness have changed in the last 5 years.

Key Globescan findings:

  • Concern about climate change has increased significantly, both globally and in the US.
  • Among forestry issues, consumers rank “loss of plant and animal species” as the top concern.
  • While product quality is the top purchase motivator for wood and paper products, “protection of plants/animals” and “sourced from responsibly managed forests,” were the second and third strongest motivators.
  • FSC continues to be the most trusted source of validation for forest products, ahead of NGOs, certifications generally, or individuals.
  • In the US, nearly 90% of consumers surveyed had “complete”, “a lot of” or “moderate” confidence in FSC, a significant increase over the 2017 study.

Watch a recording of the webinar here.