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FSC Featured Products

Discover latest brands and products

Every month we will release the latest consumer products from the U.S. that are FSC-certified so you can be assured your purchase is forest friendly! Check out our Pinterest page for a more products or download our comprehensive guide here.

Allbirds Tree Runner Shoes

The entire line of Tree Runners and Tree Skippers comes in Men's and Women's sizes. Comfortable and eco-friendly? What's not to like?!

Danone brands

Look for the label on packaged Danone brand items like Silk and Horizon Organics! From local corner shop, to cafeterias, to big chain grocers, you will probably find one or more of these products.

World Centric Paper Straws

 (© World Centric)© World Centric

Among their cold cups, World Centric now sells FSC-certified paper straws sourced from responsible forestry. Reduce plastic waste at your next party with a durable and environmentally friendly paper straw!

Woodchuck Notebooks and Gifts

From notebooks to coasters, these beautiful wood-based FSC-certified products can be personalize for your friends or company!

Nobel Gestures Greeting Cards

These adorable greeting cards are good for all kinds of events and situations.

War on Plastic Twisty Shape Toy

This FSC-certified classic puzzle toy stimulates problem-solving and dexterity skills for kids!

Everybody Water

Refresh yourself, your family and friends with refreshing water bottles in an FSC-certified packaging, delivery to your home or office.

House of Marley headphones

 (© House of Marley)© House of Marley

In-ear headphones made of FSC-certified wood for your environmentally-conscious music-loving friends and family. Find them here.

Skechers Shoe Boxes

Feel good about your next Skechers purchase. Their shoeboxes are now FSC-certified!

C.F. Martin & Co. Guitars

 (© C.F. Martin Guitar)© C.F. Martin Guitar

GIve the gift of music with a FSC-certified C.F. Martin Guitar.

Vistaprint business cards

Are you looking to print environmentally conscious business cards? Vistaprint now offers a robust line of FSC-certified options for quick and customizable business cards!

West Elm Furnishings

 (© West Elm)© West Elm

West Elm sells a variety of FSC-certified furniture and made of reclaimed wood! Find a style that suits your taste.

Proteak cutting boards

These beautiful FSC-certified cutting boards and sushi boards come in lots of shapes and sizes for every occasion!

Lululemon Yoga Mats

 (© Lululemon)© Lululemon

Get fit with this natural rubber yoga mats from Lululemon. Options with a variety of colors and sizes.

Patagonia Wetsuits

 (© Patagonia)© Patagonia

Patagonia supports responsible forest management with FSC-certified Yulex® rubber suits.

Mix-Up Animagnets

Your toddler will love this interactive set of magnetized pull-apart animals made from FSC-certified wood. Mix them up for endless imaginative possibilities!