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2020 Elections - FSC US Board of Directors


The FSC US Board of Directors is our organization’s highest governing authority. Structured
by FSC’s three chamber system, the Board leads the development of national strategy,
oversees the chief executive, ensures effective financial oversight, and approves the National
Forest Stewardship Standard and Controlled Wood National Risk Assessment. In addition, our
Board plays an important role in FSC globally, working on issues affecting the broader FSC

The elected members of the FSC US Board comprise nine individuals who are drawn from and
elected by US based members of the FSC.

Each of the three chambers has three elected representatives on the Board and one appointed
representative, and each Board member serves a three-year term. In a typical year, three Board
member positions, one from each chamber, are open for election.

Participation in the FSC US Board takes time, critical thinking, and creativity. The Board needs
individuals who represent key constituencies, and who are willing to represent the organization’s
entire membership. Anticipating the work ahead, FSC would like to particularly encourage
candidates from the following constituencies, some of which are under-represented in our
membership base: public or private forest owners, retailers, loggers, solid wood products
manufacturing, loggers, national or regional conservation organizations, Native American tribes,
and forest worker unions.

The time requirement for serving on the Board varies, but typically includes two (two-day) inperson
meetings a year, a two-hour conference call every other month, and an average of 4-6
hours per month of committee work.

FSC US is calling for nominations for the following board positions:

  • One (1) Economic Chamber representative, three-year term, 2020 - 2023
  • Two (2) Environmental Chamber representatives, one is a three-year term, 2020 – 2023 and the other is a one-year term, 2020-2021
  • One (1) Social Chamber representative, three-year term, 2020 – 2023

Three of the above elected positions (the single social and two environmental chamber seats)
are currently held by board members who are eligible to run for a second term. The economic
seat is held by a board member who will have served two full terms and is not eligible to run
again. These members are:

  • Sophie Beckham, International Paper, Economic Chamber. Sophie Beckham has served two three-year terms and is not eligible for re-election.
  • Cece Headley, Northwest Forest Worker Center, Social Chamber. Cece Headley has served one three-year term and is eligible for re-election.
  • Tracy Stone-Manning, National Wildlife Federation, Environmental Chamber. Tracy Stone-Manning was appointed to fill the remainder of a former Board member’s term and is eligible for re-election.
  • Linda Walker, World Wildlife Fund US, Environmental Chamber. Linda Walker has served one three-year terms and is eligible for re-election.


Only FSC members, duly designated FSC representatives of member organizations in the
U.S., or applicants for membership in good standing can be nominated for election to the
FSC US Board. Similarly, only these individuals can submit a nomination or a
second. View a list of current members.

  • The call for nominations and seconds (two seconds are needed for each nominee) is open from May 14 to June 21, 2020.
  • Nominations and seconds may be made on behalf of individuals from any chamber. Self-nominations (with required seconds) are acceptable. Nominations and seconds may only be made by FSC members in good standing.
  • Online ballot forms will be circulated July 6 and the voting will close on August 9, 2020.
  • All nominations and seconds must be in writing using the online form.


All inquiries should be sent to:

Bree Duever
Executive Assistant and Office Administrator
Email: b.duever at us.fsc point org
Phone: 612-353-4511