Sample Specification Language


1.1 Related Documents

A. Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and other Division 1 Specification Sections, apply to this Section.

1.2 Summary

A. This section includes administrative and procedural requirements for use of FSC certified forest products during performance of the Work, including the following:

1. Certified Wood Bid Compliance Form
2. Vendor Reference List
3. Certified Wood Project Documentation Summary

B. Related Sections include the following:

Division 1 – General Requirements

013100 - Project Management & Coordination; through meetings and conference calls ensure that all general and sub-contractors are familiar with the projects’ FSC goals.

013300 - Submittal Procedures; ensure that FSC Chain-of-Custody (COC) certificates are submitted from qualified manufacturers, fabricators, or suppliers before products are purchased.

013531 – If appropriate, reference LEED Requirements

014300 - Quality Requirements; for submitting a report of manufacturers, fabricators, or suppliers FSC Chain-of-Custody (COC) qualifications.

017853 – Sustainable Design Closeout Documentation; which will include Project Documentation Summary form and receipts from FSC COC suppliers.


A. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) – All wood products designated in the specification as “FSC certified”

B. Certified Well-Managed Forests: Forests certified to be in compliance with the standards endorsed by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

C. FSC-certified Wood Products: Products milled or otherwise altered by manufacturers certified to be in compliance with the standards endorsed by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).


2.1 Basic Product Requirements

A. Wood products in this section that have been identified through research as being available from FSC-certified sources, and should be specified on a line-by-line basis as “FSC-certified.” FSC-certified companies can be found at

FSC Products in CSI MasterFormat

Division 3 – Concrete Division 8 – Openings
031000 - Concrete Forms & Accessories

Division 6 – Wood & Plastics Division 9 – Finishes 
061000 - Rough Carpentry
062000 - Finish Carpentry
064000 - Architectural Woodwork

Division 7 – Thermal & Moisture Protection
073129 - Shingles & Shakes
074600 - Siding
074643 - Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious

Division 8 - Openings
081400 - Wood Doors
083000 - Specialty Doors & Frames

Division 9 - Finishes
095000 - Ceilings
096400 - Wood Flooring
097400 - Flexible Wood Sheets

Division 12 - Furnishings
123200 - Manufactured Wood Casework
123500 - Specialty Casework
125100 - Office Furniture
125600 - Institutional Furniture
125900 - Systems Furniture
129000 - Other Furnishings

2.2 Submittals

A. For all wood products designated in this specification as “FSC certified,” provide evidence of compliance with FSC standards as follows:

1. Demonstrate that products are FSC certified by providing vendor invoices. Invoices will contain the vendor’s Chain-of-Custody (COC) number and identify each FSC certified product on a line-item basis. A “vendor” is defined as the company that furnishes wood products to project contractors and/or subcontractors for on-site installation.

2. Wood products without submittal of acceptable documentation will be rejected.

2.3 Quality Assurance

A. All wood products designated as “FSC certified” in this specification shall be certified according to the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council (

B. To review a list of North American Certification Bodies that are accredited by the FSC to certify forest products, go here

2.4 Qualified Raw Materials and Solid Wood Product Vendors

A. Provide list of qualified vendors to assists contractors and sub-contractors

Where Possible, Contact Information for Potential Vendors Should Be Included in the Specification.


3.1 Coordination and Verification

A. The contractor shall verify and coordinate the use of all wood products specified as FSC certified.