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Technical Updates

Thursday, 29 May 2014
Second Controlled Wood Public Consultation

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May 29, 2014

The Policy and Standards documents that form the basis of the FSC Controlled Wood system are currently undergoing a second public consultation. 

For FSC stakeholders who are interested in providing input, please submit comments to Darren Brown ( at FSC International by June 30, 2014. The relevant documents – including a comment form – are available for download here

The revised Controlled Wood system is framed by two documents, both of which are part of the current consultation: 

  • STD-40-005, the Controlled Wood Standard, sets the framework for the Controlled Wood system, and details how companies comply with the National Risk Assessment (NRA). This standard formerly detailed compliance via Company Risk Assessments, which are being phased out.
  • PRO-60-002/a, the National Risk Assessment Procedure & Framework. These are two separate documents that function as a single document. They guide the development of NRAs at the national level, and contain the indicators and thresholds that determine risk associated with ControlledWood. 

Also out for consultation is STD-30-010, which allows Controlled Wood to be certified at the forest of origin in a process similar to, but less stringent than, the Forest Management certification process. 

Both FSC-US and FSC International are hosting webinars to help Certificate Holders and other stakeholders understand and effectively comment during the current Controlled Wood consultation. 

FSC US Webinar
FSC US Perspectives
Wednesday, June 18, 3:00pm EDT
Register here 

FSC International Webinars
Revised Controlled Wood Requirements
Monday, June 2, 12:30pm EDT
Register here 

Accreditation Standards
Tuesday, June 10, 12:30pm EDT
Register here 

NRA & CNRA Development
Wednesday, June 4, 2:30pm EDT
Register here

FSC-US is also actively developing a US National Risk Assessment (NRA) concurrently with the development of the Controlled Wood Standards & Procedures. The US NRA is led by a chamber-balanced Controlled Wood Working Group. The Working Group intends to have a draft NRA available for public consultation in the US later this year. Once the NRA undergoes a 60-day consultation and is subsequently revised, it will be subject to approval by the FSC-US Board of Directors. The NRA is scheduled to be approved and implemented by January 2015. 

Company risk assessments will still be approved through December 31, 2014, and will be valid for a full year from their approval date. Once a Company Risk Assessment expires in 2015, that company will transfer to the US NRA. 

Contact Keith Stagg, Policy and Standards Manager at k.stagg at us.fsc point org with any questions.