Technical Updates

Wednesday, 01 September 2010
New LEED addenda for MRc7 credit

The USGBC has recently released their new addenda.

The USGBC just released their new addenda on the USGBC LEED MRc7 credit.

Two major clarification points relating to the USGBC LEED MRc7 point and FSC are:

  • All organizations up to the end user must be FSC Chain-of-Custody (CoC) certified in order to receive credit toward the MRc7 point. This includes organizations that manufacture products off site, then install the material on-site. Note that page 23 of the link above clarifies that if the installer manufactures or modifies the product (not including typical installation), the installer must be FSC CoC certified in order for that product to be counted for the MRc7 point. 
  • No partial claims can be made for products that contain FSC certified wood but are not sold with an FSC claim. Therefore, the product must be sold as FSC certified to be eligible for the MRc7 credit.

Both clarifications create greater harmonization between the FSC CoC standard and LEED rules.