Technical Updates

Friday, 03 February 2012
FSC-US initiating first steps to develop National Controlled Wood Risk Assessment

During the 2011 FSC General Assembly, members passed Motion 51, “Strengthening the Controlled Wood System.” This motion stipulated a number of changes to the Controlled Wood system, including a provision that National Offices develop National Controlled Wood Risk Assessments.

Currently, Controlled Wood comes into the FSC system through company-developed risk assessments. Ultimately, a National Risk Assessment will help FSC certificate holders better avoid unwanted sources of forest products, which will improve the value of FSC certified products.

Development of a National Risk Assessment by FSC-US will benefit partners and stakeholders by clarifying goals, helping to establish thresholds of risk in efforts to avoid unwanted sources, and adds to FSC system integrity by fostering consistency of application of our standards and policies. A National Risk Assessment will also eliminate the need for companies to conduct sometimes redundant efforts in their own risk assessments. Rather than asking each certificate holder to conduct their own risk assessment, they will be able to refer to the National Risk Assessment when making controlled claims.

FSC-US has established a Controlled Wood Working Group to ensure a chamber-balanced process in development of the Risk Assessment. The group will hold its first meeting in Minneapolis this month.

For more information, contact FSC-US at 612-353-4511 or