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Technical Updates

Monday, 01 October 2001
First Set of Regional Standards Earns Final Approval

The final stage before any set of regional standards is complete is a rigorous review by the FSC International Board of Directors. Last week at their September 25-28 meeting in Oaxaca, Mexico, the board approved the U.S. Rocky Mountain Standards as the standards for environmentally and socially responsible, and economically viable forest management in the forests of the Rocky Mountain region of the U.S.

FSC-U.S. sends the highest congratulations to the Rocky Mountain Regional group and their coordinator, Steve Thompson, for being the first of the nine regional working groups in the U.S. to achieve this monumental accomplishment.

Upon the achievement of his colleagues, FSC-U.S. Executive Director Hank Cauley issued this statement, “Congratulations to all FSC-U.S. staff and partners for their work on the Rocky Mountain Standards. We especially want to thank our staff foresters Bill Wilkinson and Ben Addlestone, as well as Steve Thompson, our Rocky Mountain Regional Working Group Coordinator, and all of the members of the Rocky Mountain Working Group, our Standards Committee and Board of Directors. The completion of these standards further solidifies responsible forestry in the United States. We now give these standards over to our certifiers to further establish responsible forestry throughout the forests of the Rocky Mountain Region."

FSC-U.S. has several sets of standards that will soon seek final endorsement by FSC International, including the standards for the forests of the Lake States and the Northeast. for more information.