Technical Updates

Friday, 01 July 2005
FSC-US Standards Review Process - UPDATE

Thank you to all who have sent comments on the proposed methodology for the FSC-US Standards Review Process (SRP). The comment period on the methodology is ongoing—the document is available for viewing on the FSC-US website ( […]).

We are currently in the initial stages of Phase II of the review, and have begun outreach to certificate holders and landowners for insight into the ability to implement the standards and to certification bodies for their perspective on the ability to audit the standards. The information gathered in the outreach will be used to identify which of the current standards have been most problematic in interpretation or application from the viewpoints of those who apply and verify compliance with the standards. Information will also include which standards have been most successful in outlining and ensuring compliance with the intent of FSC Principles and Criteria.

To avoid any further confusion, please understand that the SRP may result in recommendations for changes to the current standards, but no changes will be actualized without following the standards development processes of the FSC. Furthermore, it is important to note that this stage of the SRP does not constitute an assessment of scientific or social validity of the standards.

The SRP is an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to voice their support and concerns of the FSC-US regional standards, and a thorough review depends on substantial support from stakeholders and experts representing the economic, social, and environmental sectors of the FSC. We encourage participation from all interested parties.

For further information, please contact: Gary Dodge 
University of Maryland