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Monday, 12 December 2022
EU Law Takes Strong Stand Against Deforestation

On December 6, 2022, the European Union approved a new law to prevent companies from selling commodities – including forest products – linked to deforestation around the world.

The law requires companies wishing to sell products into the EU to produce a due diligence statement showing their supply chains do not contribute to forest destruction, or face large fines.

Preferred by Nature highlights key requirements of the new law, including “an obligation on Operators to obtain geo-localisation coordinates (latitude and longitude of all plots of land) from where commodities or products were produced, or harvested in the case of wood products – as well as the date or time range of production.”

A cut-off date of December 31, 2020 is established for deforestation.

EU countries and the European parliament must formally approve the legislation before it can go into effect. After that time, companies will have 18-24 months to comply.

For more information, Reuters covered the new law: […]