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Wednesday, 15 August 2018
Draft Controlled Wood Strategy Open for Consultation

Controlled Wood (© Brian Daughterty)© Brian Daughterty

August 15, 2018

Public Consultation Open July 16 to September 17, 2018

Over the past two years, FSC has been engaging with its stakeholders on a shared vision for the future of ‘FSC Mix’ products and the controlled wood used to produce them.

FSC members and other stakeholders have considered many alternatives, culminating in a three-day workshop in June 2018 based on a format known as ‘Future Search.’ Attendees developed a draft vision, objectives and actions (see attached). All of the elements of this draft strategy are now open for public consultation through September 17, 2018.

A controlled wood strategy advisory group will review the feedback and incorporate consultation recommendations into a final controlled wood strategy document to be presented to the FSC International Board of Directors at the end of 2018.