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Wednesday, 28 March 2018
April 16-20: Forest Management Lead Auditor Training

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March 28, 2018

Monday April 16 to Friday April 20th, 2018
Richmond, Vermont

Rainforest Alliance† is offering an intensive course April 16-20 in Richmond, Vermont. The course is designed to orient participants to auditing protocols and to obtain a detailed understanding of the FSC standard requirements for Forest Management certification.

Why Should I Attend?
Participation in the course will be beneficial for individuals interested in acquiring auditing skills and knowledge, employees of FSC certified operations responsible for implementing Forest Management requirements, consultants working with FSC certified operations, and stakeholders involved in or affected by FSC Forest Management certification.

Participants will receive the following: a wealth of knowledge on the certification industry and the history and structure of FSC and Rainforest Alliance; an understanding of FSC Forest Management and Controlled Wood requirements; an introduction to auditing practice based on ISO requirements; and practical experience evaluating conformance with FSC Forest Management requirements in collaborative team-based assessment and analysis. This workshop is also an excellent opportunity to network and build bridges with other professionals in the world of forest management and FSC certification. This course fulfills FSC’s ISO training requirements to become a recognized Lead Auditor.

This training is provided by Rainforest Alliance for USD $1500. Travel and accommodations are not included in price; lunch and snacks will be provided.

† Rainforest Alliance is an FSC accredited certification body FSC® A00052

Workshop Agenda
This training workshop will begin at 8:30 am on the first day and last for five very full days.

Day 1:
• Introduction to Rainforest Alliance and FSC
• Team-building Exercises
• Auditor Qualifications & Behavior
• FM Evaluation and Decision Process
• Evaluation of Conformance
• Report Writing

Day 2:
• Health and Safety
• Living Wages
• Gender Equality
• Stakeholder Consultation
• Forest Management Plan Review

Day 3:
• Free Prior and Informed Consent
• High Conservation Value Forests
• Community Relations
• Interviewing Stakeholders

Day 4:
• Auditing Technology, Tips and Tools
• Audit planning and Preparation
• Pesticides
• Ecosystem Services
• Virtual Field Tour

Day 5:
• Recap of Days 1-4
• Online Modules Review
• Course exam
• Feedback survey

For further information please contact Kara Wires at
Rainforest Alliance
65 Millet Street, Suite 201
Richmond, Vermont 05477