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Thursday, 08 June 2017
FSC’s Market Info Pack 2016-2017

2016-2017 Market Info Pack

June 9, 2017

FSC International recently released the 2016-17 Market Info Pack, a data-rich summary of the state of FSC markets and impact. Some interesting findings:

  • FSC has added more than 115 million acres of certified forest globally since 2012, representing 35 percent growth.
  • Canada leads the world in FSC certified forest area, with nearly 135 million acres. Russia is second with more than 107 million acres and the US is third, with nearly 35 million acres.
  • The US has the second most Chain of Custody certified businesses in the world, following China – where FSC has seen significant growth in the past few years.
  • There is now nearly 7 million acres under FSC Forest Management certification in Indonesia.

The FSC Global Strategic Plan 2015–2020 calls for a new paradigm by 2050, in which the true value of forests is recognized and fully incorporated into society worldwide. To achieve this outcome, FSC is focusing more on specific sectors, including solid wood, packaging, cork, fashion, rubber, and sport over the next two years.

To develop the Market Info Pack, FSC commissioned two studies to collect data and develop deep insight into the market needs of our stakeholders. Collectively, these studies show that certificate holders and members believe our brand offers consumers a clear sign that their organizations are serious about responsible forest management.

Please download the FSC Market Info Pack to learn more.