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Wednesday, 22 June 2016
Kimberly-Clark - Using the FSC label to tell their story


June 22, 2016

Nearly one in four people around the world touch a Kimberly-Clark product every day. As one of the world’s largest buyers of market pulp, the company is a leader in its sector with a family of brands that people know.

The Forest Stewardship Council recently developed a new case study exploring how Kimberly-Clark first started sourcing FSC fiber, the logic for putting the FSC label on its iconic products, and how the actions the company took helped reshape its industry. “Sustainability has become table stakes for our types of products,” said Andy Clement, Kimberly-Clark Professional Vice President of Sales, explaining the changes he’s seen.

The case study highlights that FSC can be an important part of a communications and marketing strategy, in addition to helping achieve strategy objectives and mitigate supply chain risk. Once the work to source FSC-certified products has been done, it just makes sense to tell customers about the effort and why it matters.

Read the case study.

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