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Tuesday, 15 December 2015
Trademark Revision

December 15, 2015

The first draft of the revised trademark standard for certificate holders (FSC-STD-50-001) is now available for public consultation. 

All stakeholders are invited to submit comments on the draft standard. Comments may be provided using the Comment Form (Download Here) and are due by January 31, 2016.  

We encourage stakeholders in the US to share comments directly with the FSC US National Office so we can advocate for the North American perspective throughout the revision process.  

The objective of the standard revision is to streamline the trademark requirements for easier labeling and promotion, without compromising credibility. The revision integrates advice notes, standards interpretations and addresses several motions from the 2014 FSC General Assembly. 

For more detailed information on the proposed changes, please visit Public Consultation page on the FSC US website HERE

Consultation resources include the following:

  • Draft of the revised trademark standard (FSC-STD-50-001 V2-0)
  • Discussion Paper titled FSC on-product labels: proposing two alternative options for on-product labels
  • FSC Trademark Standard Revision Crosswalk V2-0
  • Comment Form 

FSC International is hosting webinars to discuss the revised standard. You can register for a webinar by clicking the links below:

Thank you for your participation. If you have any questions about the revised Trademark Standard, please contact Jenny Wood (