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Wednesday, 01 May 2002
Jennifer Lopez Featured in Forest Stewardship Council PSA

Pop singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is featured in a new public service announcement supporting the Forest Stewardship Council.

 Titled “Nothing Else is Good Enough," the poster reads, “Only the FSC label can guarantee that the wood you purchase comes from a forest that was managed according to the world’s highest environmental standards." The poster goes on to state that the FSC is supported by World Wildlife Fund, Rainforest Action, Natural Resources Defense Council and National Wildlife Federation. Previous FSC PSAs featured Pierce Brosnan and Olivia Newton John. Lopez was chosen for the new FSC PSA because she represents the global nature of the organization. The poster will be translated into Spanish and Portuguese, and is available to other FSC National Initiatives and members to use in their countries to promote the FSC. Contact Meme Lobecker at             202.342.8133       for more details.