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Tuesday, 23 June 2015
2015 Call for Nominations: FSC US Board of Directors

 (© Lori Knosalla)© Lori Knosalla

June 23, 2015

The call for nominations for the FSC US Board of Directors has been extended by two weeks and is open until June 28, 2015.

The FSC US Board of Directors is responsible for representing the diverse interests of its environmental, social and economic chamber members, and works closely with the FSC-US staff to develop strategic objectives, oversee national policies and standards development, and ensure effective financial oversight of the organization. In addition, the Board plays an important role in FSC globally, working on issues affecting the broader FSC community. 

The democratically selected Board plays a critical part in FSC’s integrity and offers FSC members a chance to shape the governance of the organization. 

The Board is comprised of nine individuals who are drawn from and elected by US-based members. Each of the three chambers has three representatives on the Board, and each Board member serves a three-year term. In a typical year, three Board member positions, one from each chamber, are open for election. 

Participation in the FSC US Board takes time, critical thinking, and creativity. The Board needs individuals who represent a key constituency, and who are willing to represent the organization’s entire membership. The time requirement for serving on the Board varies, but typically includes two(two-day) in-person meetings a year, a two-hour conference call every other month, and an average of 1-2 hours per week of committee work.  

FSC US is calling for nominations for the following board positions: 

  • Economic Chamber representative, 3-year term, 2015- 2018
  • Environmental Chamber representative, 3-year term,2015 - 2018
  • Social Chamber representative, 3-year term, 2015 -2018
  • Social Chamber representative, 2-year term, 2015 -2017 

The elected positions whose terms are expiring are: 

  • John McNulty, Seven Islands Land Company, Economic Chamber. John McNulty has served one three-year term and is eligible for nomination and re-election.
  • Eric Palola, Guanacaste Dry Forest Fund,Environmental Chamber. Eric Palola served one three-year term and has announced he will retire after nine years of service on FSC Boards (six years with FSC International and three with FSC US).
  • Mike DeBonis, The Green Mountain Club, Social Chamber. Mike DeBonis has served one three-year term and is eligible for nomination and re-election. 

One position is open due to a resignation: 

  • Melanie Parker, Northwest Connections, Social Chamber. Melanie resigned from the Board due to a recent job change. The remainder of her three-year term is open for nominations and election. 

Only US-based FSC members, duly designated FSC representatives of member organizations in the U.S., or applicants for membership in good standing can be nominated for election to the FSC US Board. A list of current members can be found here

Nominations, seconds, and all inquiries should be sent to:
Julia Sollien
Administrative Manager, FSC US
Email: j.sollien at us.fsc point org
Phone: 612-353-4511 

For more information, visit the 2015 Board of Directors election website here.