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Friday, 26 September 2014
Continuing to Strengthen Chain of Custody

September 26, 2014

The Online Claims Platform (OCP) is a voluntary tool that was created to help certified companies meet requirements of FSC chain-of-custody certification and enhance the integrity of the FSC system. 

Because of limitations inherent in paper-based invoicing systems, FSC developed the OCP to provide a real-time, online system for comparing precise volumes ofFSC-certified products between trading parties.  

The FSC International Board of Directors considers the OCP to be a key tool for ensuring compliance with the FSC chain of custody system, and for that reason the Board has supported its development. But the Board also recognizes that there maybe other systems that can play a similar role. In light of this, the Board asked FSC International staff to develop the following:

  • Relevant criteria in the revised chain of custody standard, which will soon be released for consultation, to further strengthen the system.
  • More detailed information on the extent of incorrect claims in the FSC system. This should be done in 2015 as part of the process to implement a revised chain-of-custody standard, once approved.
  • Continued investigation of solutions that do not require commercially sensitive information to be centrally stored and of the implications of using risk-based implementation as the basis for the OCP. 

To read more information on FSC’s chain of custody standard, click here.

More information on FSC’s Online Claims Platform can be found here.