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Monday, 01 April 2002
ForestWorld Expands Online Marketplace Services

ForestWorld recently announced two new ways for buyers and sellers of FSC-certified timber products to do business online.

 Launched in February, the Certified Forest Products Marketplace now offers the following ways for buyers and sellers to find the products they need and sell the products they have:

• Buyers can now submit a request-for-quote anytime for $50 per RFQ, using a credit card.

• Suppliers can receive real-time requests-for-quotation that meet their production abilities by agreeing to pay a finder’s fee for successful sales. The amount of the finder’s fee is flexible, since the economic realities of each industry segment are different. The online registration process for suppliers allows them to suggest what percentage of a sale makes financial sense for them.

Along with the newer options, annual subscription rates for both buyers and sellers as low as $600 per user are available. An annual subscription is usually the best value for frequent users of the Marketplace.

To learn more about the Marketplace and how it helps buyers and sellers of FSC-certified forest products, visit or contact Doug Patterson, Manager of Procurement Services, at             802.382.8888       or