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Tuesday, 15 January 2002
In The News- Idaho Stateman

On January 2, The Idaho Statesman featured a lengthy front page article titled "Market forces foster sustainable forestry". The article paints a good picture of the forces at work in forest certification today.

Links to more information on how FSC and SFI differ, and on how forest certification is affecting some Idaho companies are available online directly from the article. If you type "Forest Stewardship Council" into the search function, the article is the second link in the results list. Or and we will send you the link.

"My goal is to stake out moderate middle ground and be able to say, 'Here is an achievable standard everyone can live by."
-FSC-U.S. Executive Director Hank Cauley, as quoted by Rocky Barker of The Idaho Statesman, January 2, 2002.