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Tuesday, 08 May 2012
Exploratory committee looks at federal lands certification

The issue of certification of National Forests is a sensitive one for FSC stakeholders, with a range of perspectives about if and how FSC should be involved.

Since 2001, a moratorium has been in place, preventing National Forests from applying to become FSC certified. Recently some stakeholders have raised questions about the merits and equity of continuing the moratorium on one landowner class. As a result, in late 2011, the board of FSC-US empaneled a Federal Lands Exploratory Committee, comprised of representatives from economic, social and environmental chambers.

The committee was charged with exploring the issue of certification on National Forests, as well as other classes of federal lands, and to identify points of consensus or differences in perspective.

At the end of February, the committee presented its report back to the board. This report is now available for public review.

At this time, the board has made no decisions with respect to FSC certification of National Forests, although their deliberations continue. As one stakeholder put it, this is a sensitive issue, and it’s more important to do it right than to do it fast.

To review the Federal Lands Exploratory Committee report, download it here.