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Saturday, 03 March 2012
FSC-US Launches New FSC Marketplace

Within the growing market for FSC-certified products, companies throughout the FSC supply chain have faced the challenge of identifying and connecting with other buyers and suppliers

FSC’s global network is responding to this challenge by launching a global business-to-business product finder that brings all players within the FSC supply chain together in one place — FSC Marketplace.

Companies will use FSC Marketplace to identify FSC certified products, as well as promote their own products with customized sales profiles. FSC Marketplace was developed in partnership with the FSC International Center and several national offices. The site is already live and can be found here. FSC Marketplace will be in a ‘soft launch’ phase for the next several weeks.

To date, companies looking for a specific product have had to submit a product inquiry form or use the FSC certificate database. As FSC Marketplace reaches a critical mass of participating companies, users will be able to conduct a simple search by product, industry, location, or other criteria and obtain a list of potential suppliers immediately.

By completing a basic registration, users can activate their profile, update information and have access to complete search results. Certificate Holders can input a variety of information when building a profile, from basic contact information to value proposition and product availability. Certificate Holders also have the option of posting their profile in other languages to gain access to global markets.

If you are looking to differentiate your products from that of other profiles, an upgrade to a Premium profile is available for an annual fee of $250. Certificate Holders with Premium profiles are prioritized in search results and have the ability to display more detailed information to users.

FSC-US recently hired new Marketplace Manager Eliza Roberts to rapidly expand use of the site. She is available to guide buyers and suppliers in leveraging FSC Marketplace to strengthen their businesses. If you have questions about FSC Marketplace, please contact Eliza.

Eliza Roberts
Marketplace Manager