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Saturday, 03 December 2011
FSC launches smallholders portal for family forests

FSC International is bringing new information online for small and community producers in the FSC system, starting with a “Smallholders Portal,” which is designed to be a “one-stop shop” for information, guidance, resources, and case studies related to certification of family forests.

Potential sponsors of family forest groups will find eligibility definitions and group organizational materials that explain how FSC requirements are adapted to suit small landowners. Another section includes a pilot dual certification project with Fairtrade in developing countries, forest contractor certification being tested in five European countries, and other innovative trials.

The Smallholders Portal aligns with efforts in the US to help family forest owners gain access to FSC certification. Group certification resources are being added to the FSC-US website. Regional FSC working groups and certification bodies are exploring similar projects as described in the Portal for dual certification, manufacturing associations and logger certification. With 61% of the harvested timber harvested in the US coming from family forests, FSC US is working to develop new resources to grow FSC among family forest owners.