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Saturday, 03 December 2011
Start the New Year fresh: Vote on the revised P&C today!

Voting for the revised Principles & Criteria (P&C) is now open!

On November 1st, the revised P&C were submitted to the FSC membership for vote, with the voting open until January 31st

The staff and board of FSC-US encourage all members to vote.

As stated in a joint letter of the FSC Board of Directors the P&C vote is one of the most important decisions to be made by the FSC membership since the organization was founded.

Please visit the P&C vote website for all the information you need to make an informed decision: the draft P&C for vote, key issue briefings, a user-friendly guide to the changes made to the P&C and voting instructions.

The three-year process that led to this final voting has been the most thorough in the history of the FSC. And the resulting product reflects the dedication and diversity of FSC’s worldwide membership.

For more information about the P&C revisions, contact Karen Steer (