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Thursday, 03 November 2011
Public consultation on minor review of Controlled Wood

Please find here a minor review of FSC-STD-40-005 Company Evaluation of FSC Controlled Wood for public consultation.

This minor review results from the FSC efforts to align its standards with EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), US Lacey Act and FLEGT and is a separate process from the more comprehensive review of the FSC Controlled Wood standard.

The review highlights the standard changes that need to be initiated now in order to have all certificate holders in compliance in advance of the date when the EUTR enters into force on March 3, 2013.

The main changes in the draft standard relate to information regarding species, country of harvest, trade and customs laws. The document also contains edits to adjust references and terminology and Annex 4 was completely removed and incorporated into Parts 4 and 5 of the standard.

FSC invites interested stakeholders to comment on this draft exclusively on the topics detailed above. Changes in the standard other than this shall be addressed as part of the more comprehensive review of the FSC Controlled Wood requirements, which is planned to happen in 2012.

The public consultation is open until November 30, 2011 and comments shall be submitted, by using this comment form.